Custom Wood Bowls and Other Turnings

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Ash over Mulberry

Ash and Mulberry Goblet Jan 2016

A friend called this the Cindy Crawford goblet. I like that!

Mystery Wood

Pine Black Stain Vase Aug 2015Actually, not much of a mystery—it’s nothing more than pine. But I painted it black and then removed much of the color; the hard and soft alternating grain accepts the paint differently, creating a striking contrast. I left extra wood at the bottom, making it fairly heavy which also lends itself to being some sort of exotic wood. Nope; just ol’ pine.

Toothpick Holder July 2015

A little tiny project—a toothpick holder. Lots of color in this piece.

Maple Burl

Maple Burl May 2015I love the crazy nature of the grain in this piece of maple burl.


Maple w Worm Holes June 2015Sugar Maple, complete with little worm holes. The worms are long gone.

Spalted Maple

Spalted Maple Salt Shaker Mar 2015

I found a pepper shaker at my son’s house, so I made a matching salt shaker out of contrasting spalted maple. The black lines are a result of fungus attacking the wood.


Hawthorn Aug 2015Hawthorn has lovely distinctive grain, making it very colorful.