Custom Wood Bowls and Other Turnings




Cherry 11″ plate. Wood from the crotch of a giant tree; the grain has been compressed, fractured, and tortured into crazy shimmery patterns. Someone said, “It looks like a crumpled piece of paper.” Gotta love God’s creativity.


One response

  1. Donald Helmer

    I’ve been learning about the grain in the crotch of trees. We just took down a 115 year old ash. As I split the logs to firewood I dread the ones with branching. That area inside the trunk, but above the branch is against the grain, tough and doesn’t split. The design of course is to make sure the branch doesn’t break off downward. It holds the weight and ties it to the trunk. God made it for a purpose. I’ve been tortured trying to turn it to firewood. Here you’ve turned it into art!

    July 17, 2013 at 10:26 pm

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