Custom Wood Bowls and Other Turnings


White Ash

Ash Plate 14in June 201514″ plate of ash. This is called “guitar ash,” as it’s often used for solidbody guitars. Lots of big, open grain with differing degrees of hardness. The scientific name is fraxinus, which is a very fun word to say.



White Ash


White Ash candlesticks, from a tree that my son chopped down several years ago. Striking grain, but really difficult to turn.

English Walnut


10-inch plate of English Walnut, a soft and beautiful wood. This piece has a stunning bit of dark heartwood on display.

Spalted Sycamore

Spalted Sycamore Bowl A Oct 2015

A gift to our dear friends Jack and Annie Dorsey.

River Birch

River Birch October 2015

From my front yard.

Oregon Myrtle

Oregon Myrtle Oct 2015

Lots of wonderful color and movement in this piece of Oregon myrtle. Plenty of worm holes too. Plus there’s a nice scene on the bottom of the sunset over Mount Shasta.


Bloodwood Champaign Flute Dec 2015

A little goblet—more like a champagne flute—made of bloodwood. No stain on this: that’s the natural color of the wood. Beautiful.

Ash over Mulberry

Ash and Mulberry Goblet Jan 2016

A friend called this the Cindy Crawford goblet. I like that!

Mystery Wood

Pine Black Stain Vase Aug 2015Actually, not much of a mystery—it’s nothing more than pine. But I painted it black and then removed much of the color; the hard and soft alternating grain accepts the paint differently, creating a striking contrast. I left extra wood at the bottom, making it fairly heavy which also lends itself to being some sort of exotic wood. Nope; just ol’ pine.

Toothpick Holder July 2015

A little tiny project—a toothpick holder. Lots of color in this piece.