Custom Wood Bowls and Other Turnings


Sugar Maple

Maple w Worm Holes June 20158″ bowl of sugar maple. This is filled with worm holes; it definitely won’t hold water!




Mesquite Root May 2015Small manzanita root ball I picked up near Mt. Shasta, California. Natural edge, lots of cracks and faults, and stunning blood-red color.

Oregon Myrtle

Oregon Myrtle Mar 2015

Oregon myrtle. Beautiful, variegated wood that is a joy to turn; and it has a beautiful scent as well when it’s turned. The tree only grows on the West Coast. In Oregon, it’s Oregon myrtle; in Califormia it’s called California laurel. So I guess it depends on where you live.


Butternut Bowl Jan 2015

Butternut 10″ bowl. Also known as white walnut. Extremely soft wood often used for boxes or crates. Or bowls.


Spalted Sycamore

Spalted Sycamore Wide Rim Nov 2014 A

Spalted sycamore bowl. A different shape for me, with a wide flat lip. Sweet Sandy Sue decided that she wanted to keep this one. NFS!


Cherry Wide Lip Bowl Nov 2014

6″ cherry bowl with a gently curving wide lip.


Cherry Fire Damaged Oct 2014 smCherry 6″ vase. Very interesting markings—looks like maybe the tree survived a fire somewhere along the line. One ring is very dark, and lots of wild trauma in later rings.

White Oak and Walnut

Oak and Walnut Chalice Oct 2014 smWhite oak and walnut chalice. 11″ tall.


Mulberry 11in Bowl Oct 2014 sm

11.5″ bowl of mulberry—generally considered a weed tree. About the best thing you can say is that it’s yellow.