Custom Wood Bowls and Other Turnings


Maple Burl

Maple Burl May 2015I love the crazy nature of the grain in this piece of maple burl.



Maple w Worm Holes June 2015Sugar Maple, complete with little worm holes. The worms are long gone.

Spalted Maple

Spalted Maple Salt Shaker Mar 2015

I found a pepper shaker at my son’s house, so I made a matching salt shaker out of contrasting spalted maple. The black lines are a result of fungus attacking the wood.


Hawthorn Aug 2015Hawthorn has lovely distinctive grain, making it very colorful.


Cherry Bowl w Discoloration Sept 2015Cherry bowl, with s small bit of discoloration front and center. Cherry tends to darken over time if left in the sunlight, so this will probably have a much darker tone later.


Cherry Endgrain Large Bowl June 2015Large (10.5″ x 5″) bowl of cherry, turned end-grain. The pressures on an end-grain piece often make it split; this one certainly did, which I filled with epoxy, so you can still see it.

Spalted Sycamore

Spalted Sycamore June 2015Fungus attacked this chuck of wood and left some crazy variegated colors.

Bitternut Hickory Burl

Bitternut Hickory Burl June 2015

Well, that was difficult. This is probably the nastiest piece of wood I’ve ever turned. But even it got redeemed.


Construction debris

Driftwood 2x6 Bowl June 2015A little scrap of 2×6 I found floating in our lake. I like the different textures.

White Ash

Ash Plate 14in June 201514″ plate of ash. This is called “guitar ash,” as it’s often used for solidbody guitars. Lots of big, open grain with differing degrees of hardness. The scientific name is fraxinus, which is a very fun word to say.